How to Make Buah Melaka

Monday, April 5, 2010 , Posted by ProAZ-AD at 10:38 PM

hehe.. this is funny, am not so much of a cook and yet I'm putting down recipes.. This is easy. Anyone can try, I guess this originates from Melaka as it is called buah Melaka.. Here's the recipe :

Mix a glass of water & flour together, a pinch of salt, a drop of pandan extract and knead into a dough. Anyways, the below ingredients would be helpful I guess.

28 g glutinous rice flour
a drop of green colouring (better still, pandan leaves blended and
strained for the flavour & color)
a pinch of salt

17 g gula melaka(palm sugar)

82 g grated coconut

Then, cut palm sugar (gula melaka) into pieces. Portion dough into tiny balls (the size of a 20 cents coins), flatten them and place a piece of the palm sugar into the centre and then fold back into the round shape.

Next, bring water to boil and put balls into it and simmer until cooked, when it is.. take it out and roll and coat it completely with the dessicated/grated coconut.. and ready to serve Shades. Easy huh?

Jemput.. jemput makan... :)

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